Things to Do in São Paulo, Brazil

a.k.a. “motivations to get propelled to visit São Paulo” in light of the fact that this is one cool city! On the off chance that you are searching for things to do in São Paulo, this rundown is an awesome place to begin. Furthermore, this manual for modest eats in Brazil and this Pinterest leading group of spots in São Paulo will likewise offer assistance.

Additionally a portion of the best Brazil manuals: (tap the picture for a connection to the book)

I began to go to São Paulo in 2000, to visit my then-sweetheart, a Sao Paulo local who had come back to Brazil in the wake of living in the U.S. for one year. That person later turned into my significant other, and the most recent 17 years have included yearly visits to Brazil to invest energy with his family. With local people demonstrating me around, I have an “insider’s view” of sorts, however this post has been refreshed with the assistance of my companion Rodrigo of Checklist Tours.

In spite of every one of these visits, I haven’t touched the most superficial layer of things to do in São Paulo, particularly with regards to the city’s astonishing nightlife (hello, I have two children!). Other than some genuine nightlife, the city is additionally known for sustenance, markets, design, and galleries, all of which you will discover in the tips beneath.

For the normal guest, it can be difficult to comprehend what to do in São Paulo. It’s not the most vacationer cordial city since it’s spread out, parts of it are risky, and it doesn’t have one focal area where all the activity can be discovered (not at all like the shorelines of Rio, for instance). Nonetheless, the accompanying rundown will give you some incredible thoughts of what to do in São Paulo, particularly in case you’re searching for reasonable exercises.

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