We have been looking for some really quality watches that are durable and tough in nature. After searching a lot online we have found what is the durable watch we can have this summer. Looking around and communicating with people was not much of a help. I wanted a tough watch that can help me go to the wild and do hunting.

I was looking for watch that has the GPS facility up and running when my mobile just stops responding or runs out of battery. Luckily I found an online resource at Tell Me Best . The buying guide to buy a tactical watch was very convincing for me and I thought that this guide is most comprehensive of all I have found on the internet.

There are different sensors on tactical watches like altimeter, barometer, thermometer, gps etc. Each has its own kind benefit. Upto my understanding from what I understood these all help in making navigation easier out in the wild. For exampleSuunto Traverse Alpha comes with all three sensors and it can even offer the chargeable battery. And Yes there is a compass in the watch as well.

Another big plus point is the waterproof material of the watches. This really makes the tactical watches exciting to use. Specially if you are planning to go to swimming or you are frequent swimmer. All these features addsupto the ability of using the tactical watches most effectively. At tell me best I read reviews of all the tactical watches available. But the one which I found the best was Suunto series Traverse Alpha and Core Military. Because there was no GPS in Core Military I decided to buy Traverse Alpha. So far it is working pretty nice and am happy to have made this choice. Thank you Tell Me Best for guiding me to take this tough decision.

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