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DMV’s Point System advances roadway security and empowers the organization to screen and right the driving propensities for West Virginia drivers.

Focuses are surveyed for petty criminal offenses as indicated by the seriousness of the offense. Drivers who amass no less than 5 focuses against their permit get a notice letter encouraging them to practice more alert and comply with all movement laws. Proceeded with unlawful driving can prompt permit suspension.

Focuses for a given infraction stay on a driver’s record for a long time after the date of the driver’s conviction for that infraction; the infraction itself stays on a driver’s record for a long time. online traffic school West Virginia Permit suspensions run sequentially; focuses collected by drivers effectively under suspension will bring about an extra permit suspension, to start after the first suspension time frame closes. Notwithstanding, suspensions got after achieving 20+ focuses should run simultaneously.

Focuses are evaluated for all petty criminal offenses carried out anyplace in the US utilizing the WV Points Schedule recorded beneath. Drivers indicted numerous offenses emerging out of a similar episode will be surveyed just the focuses suitable to the most genuine offense.

Focuses Accumulated

Suspension Time


30 Days


45 Days


60 Days


90 Days

20+ focuses: License is suspended until the point when aggregated focuses are diminished to 11 or less.

Feelings for driving while your permit is suspended/disavowed may bring about an extra suspension.

Focuses are surveyed by the seriousness of the offense.


Snap here for a handout on the Points System with data on offenses and focuses surveyed.

Instructions to recapture your driving benefits

Licensees who finish their suspension period may apply for restoration of their driving benefits. The restoration charge might be sent to PO Box 17030, Charleston, WV 25317.

Division of Motor Vehicles Regional Offices don’t process restoration exchanges. A duplicate of the licensee’s unique suspension notice and permit number must be incorporated into all reestablishment applications. Licensees who confer extra infringement amid permit suspension are liable to promote corrective activity.

Protective Driving Course Information

Any driver who finishes the affirmed Defensive Driving Course (DDC) will have three focuses expelled from the general aggregate, paying little respect to the measure of focuses as of now on their record. On the off chance that the driver has a focuses suspension for at least 14 focuses as of now made on their record, the suspension won’t be repealed or influenced by the DDC, the driver must serve the suspension and pay the reestablishment charge.

In the event that the driver has a looming 30 day point suspension (12 to 13 focuses) and can submit confirmation of finish of the Defensive Driving Course and the reestablishment charge PRIOR to the viable date of the suspension, the 30 Day Suspension will be revoked.

The Defensive Driving Course may just be taken once at regular intervals for point lessening. You can not utilize the Defensive Driving Course for point lessening in the event that you take the class preceding focuses showing up on your record.

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